Personally I’d go with ‘Jack Keathley’ from the list they’ve got going …

At Comic-Con this year Thom Zahler had a special "Baby Name" variant cover edition of the first issue of the latest Love and Capes miniseries. As you might have guessed, the comic is about newlyweds Mark and Abbey expecting their first kid, and the cover features the couple making lists of potential baby names. Thom personalized each variant cover at the con with whatever names the purchaser wanted.

Being a new father myself, I thought this was a great idea, but unfortunately being a new father meant I was off the convention circuit this year. Thom, however, was kind enough to mail me one of the variant covers anyway, featuring the name of my son right there in the middle—Jack Keathley (who shares my middle name).

So big thanks to Thom; my wife and I were really touched, and she is already picking out a frame for the comic to hang in Jack’s room.